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Caesarstone Concetto™

The Concetto™ collection comes in twelve exquisite colours with Extraordinary surfaces hand-made from individually cut and bound Semi Precious stones. Its surfaces are dazzling, some with a natural translucency that can be Backlit (see image below) to create an impressive yet practical showpiece.

Concetto™ breathtaking handcrafted collection incorporates only the finest natural quartz crystal gemstones from all around the world.

In a unique blend of art, nature and science, which captures and enhances the innate brilliance of each stone, Concetto™ brings out the magnificence and powerful energy of these crystal quartz stones to the surface. Crystal quartz as a power stone can absorb and channel energy, and at the same time dispels and clears negative energy. The powerful energy of the crystal quartz can be used to harmonize, cleanse, purify and heal on a spiritual, mental, or physical level and is popularly used as feng shui cures to improve good “Chi”.

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With its superior calibre amongst the Caesarstone’s collection, Concetto™ is most ideal for stunning inspiring beautiful countertops, backsplashes, wall cladding, furniture and flooring. Its exceptionally heat and scratch resistant surfaces makes them easy to care and hardwearing! Concetto™ slabs come in one standard size of 3000x1420mm with a 20-25mm thickness.

Best application:

  • Kitchen – bench tops, splash backs, panels, kickboards, island
  • Bathroom – vanity and splash backs, wall cladding, bath surround
  • Commercial – counter tops, tabletops and wall cladding
  • Furniture – desks, dining, coffee and side tables, entertainment units
  • Flooring and Wall feature

In line with all of Caesarstone® Quartz products, the Concetto™ quartz slabs are second to none and each piece is carefully inspected to abide with stringent International Quality Standards: ISO 9001:2000, NSF 51, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, GreenGuard and comes with a 10 year Limited Warranty*

* terms and conditions apply

Concetto™ Colour Range

Image samples below are only for your references as the natural Coloration, Veining and Pattern types may vary. We suggest you to view our actual stone samples before ordering.

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8141 White Quartz
8310 Brown Agate
8311 Grey Agate
8330 Petrified Wood
8331 Petrified Wood Retro
8531 Blue Agate
8540 Durmortierite
8551 Amethyst
8617 Argonite
8630 Red Tiger Eye

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