Caesarstone - World's Finest Quartz Surfaces for Commercial & Homes

Care & Maintenance

The natural quartz surface which is non porous with bacteria free and mould free properties, is most suitable for use as kitchen countertops, bathrooms, laboratories, hospitals and F&B establishments. It requires only the bare minimal care to keep its enduring radiance and luster for years. No waxing or seal is needed.

  • To clean up spills and stains, use warm water and a drop of mild detergent. Rinse off with warm water.
  • For extra stubborn stains, you may use a putty knife or a non-scratch pad to gently remove the stain, and then use a soft damp cloth with Caesarstone recommended non-abrasive cleaner and warm water to remove remaining residue.

It is important to note that like any other surfaces, strong chemicals and solvents can permanently damage Caesarstone:

  • DO NOT use cleaning products that contain Trichlorethane or Méthylène Chloride, such as paint removers and avoid using abrasive cleaning agents that have high alkaline/PH levels (above PH8.5).
  • If your polished surface comes into contact with a non-recommended damaging product, immediately rinse with clean water to neutralize the effect.

Although Caesarstone® is more heat resistant than other stone surfaces and is not affected by temperatures lower than 180 Celsius, it can be damaged by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Thus, we recommend placing a hot pad or trivet on the surface under hot cooking utensils such as electric pans and pots, crock-pots, or roaster ovens.

All Caesarstone® Quartz interior surface comes with 10 years limited warranty. Please contact our marketing team if you need further assistance on a solution to a problem or further advice.

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